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Oxford Coach Hire

Picking out the ideal coach rental company is key for an effortless travel experience. Be sure to consider their location, reputation and pricing structure as well as whether the coaches they use are well maintained and safe for your group.

Coach Hire Oxford – Transporting Large Groups

Travelling as part of a group can be daunting, yet our coach and mini bus rentals make your journey smooth and safe.

At our fleet of luxury coaches and minibuses, you will find an abundance of amenities designed for maximum passenger comfort.

Our fleet of coaches

Our coaches are designed to accommodate groups of any size. Spacious and comfortable with reclining seats, armrests and extra legroom – they make for the ideal way to travel in groups while producing five times less carbon dioxide emissions than driving or taking public transit – offering plenty of opportunities to catch up with friends, colleagues or family while taking in the scenery!

Oxford is home to some renowned landmarks, like the Ashmolean Museum, or nearby towns like Wantage and Henley-On-Thames – our coach hire and minibus service can take you there safely. We cover all postcodes within Oxford city as well as Abingdon and Bicester nearby areas for your convenience.

At our disposal are 49-57 passenger buses, ADA accessible vehicles and limo buses ranging in capacity from 49 to 57 seats, equipped with underneath storage areas and high back reclining bucket seats – perfect for large private hire events and weddings! For parties on wheels we have specially-designed party limo buses complete with tables, perimeter leather seating areas and surround sound systems that play DVDs – perfect for parties on wheels!

Our fleet of minibuses

Planning travel for a large group presents many options for consideration. You may need to accommodate various personal preferences while still staying within budget constraints; public transportation might be one option but can quickly add up in costs; an alternative could be using private minibus services like Coach hire Oxford. Their fleet also features mini bus hire 12 seater and coaches – as well as one 72 seater bus!

Our coaches and minibuses are built to deliver the ultimate customer experience, including climate control, on-board bathrooms, high-back reclining bucket seats and climate control. For added comfort we also have ADA accessible buses capable of accommodating two wheelchairs; plus party bus options that accommodate up to 40 passengers!

Our minibuses provide an ideal way to explore Oxford and its surroundings. By booking one, you can visit attractions like Ashmolean Museum or Oxford Castle as well as local towns such as Abingdon, Wantage or Henley-On-Thames – not forgetting our services are also available throughout all postcodes within Oxford and nearby towns!

Our fleet of buses

Transportation can be an insurmountable challenge when transporting multiple people at once. There will be various individuals requiring consideration when it comes to comfort levels and seating arrangements; everyone may have differing priorities in these regards.

Our fleet of coaches and minibuses provides ample selection when it comes to meeting the needs of your group. With vehicles that can seat from four up to 33 passengers, there’s sure to be something perfect in our selection for your upcoming event.

Oxford is a city full of wonder, from its exquisite buildings to the world-famous collections found at museums like Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers. Our minibus and coach hire service will help make sure that you make the most of your visit to this vibrant university town, or travel outside it to places such as Wantage, Henley-On-Thames or Watlington; just give us a call and leave the rest up to us.

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