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WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that serves more than one-third of the websites on the internet! Having this impressive number in mind, one can only ask why is that so?

The power of this CMS lies in the fact that it is highly customizable, and it doesn’t require broad technical knowledge. Using WordPress plugins, anybody can create a website with any functionality one can think of. 

Anything is possible, from personal websites and company presentations to stable and reliable e-commerce stores using WooCommerce as the plugin. This is why in this article we are bringing you the best plugins to start your WordPress site in 2022.

WP Force SSL 

SSL provides encryption between the user of the website and the website itself. In other words, it prevents everybody else from reading the details of information exchange, which is very important when financial transactions are in question.

WP Force SSL is a plugin that helps you configure an SSL certificate for your website and monitors and controls redirections. 

When you set up the SSL protection correctly, all of the content on your website is available only on SSL protected pages. This plugin can make your life much easier and save you time by doing it for you!

WP 301 Redirects 

Something that an average user is not aware of when browsing the web is redirections. 301 redirections are permanent, and it is crucial to manage them properly. 

However, as your website grows, so does the number of links, and keeping track of everything can become difficult. That is the moment when WP 301 redirects come in very handy.

This neat plugin will help you boost the traffic on your website while keeping an eye on all of the links and where they are taking the users. This will save you and your time a significant amount of time!

WP Reset 

Although WordPress allows you a high level of customizability, messing up with the wrong files, or updating a plugin on your website, can cause you a lot of stress.

This stress can be easily avoided by doing regular backups. Doing it manually is one way, but having a plugin to do this for you is our way of solving things.

WP Reset allows you to roll back to where you were in just one click! Coming with other cool features like more than 25 cleaning tools and nuclear reset, it’s definitely something worth checking out.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping 

Running an e-commerce business comes with many hidden obstacles. If you sell a physical product, you would most certainly need to calculate how much the shipping cost will be.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping is a plugin that makes these calculations based on items selected by the customer and their shipping details. Besides this, you can create and rename different shipping methods available!

Final thoughts

Running a website in 2022 is a very competitive job. Make your life easier by using the plugins described in this article, and be sure that you are always on the look for solutions to existing problems. In the end, it is all about the experience – both for you and the users of your website.

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