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In essence sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) are passed between two people by performing the act. When you’re married in a single marriage and your partner develops an STI like trichomoniasis , which appears out of out of the blue, you may begin sounding the alarms of cheating .

What is the best way to be diagnosed with trichomoniasis even if nobody is cheating?

While it’s not common, it’s possible to contract trichomoniasis in the absence of cheaters.

If you’re thinking of dumping their treasured possessions onto the front lawn Here are the facts.

Oh, wait! what is trihomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis can be described as an STI caused by the parasite. Not it’s the 2021 Best Picture Oscar winner, “Parasite.” We’re talking the kind of parasite that requires to live off its hosts in order for survival.

Trichomoniasis (sometimes called”trich” or trich for short) is among the most prevalent and treatable STIs. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approximately 3.7 million individuals in the United States contract trich.

While both women and men can develop trichomoniasis, it’s more prevalent among women. A study found that women between 40 and 49 are more susceptible to contracting the disease as compared to their younger counterparts. Trichomoniasis affects both women and men differently.

The symptoms of trichomoniasis in women can be a representation of:

itching burning, redness, an irritation, discoloration or itching in Vagina or in the vicinity of it.

painful sex

disgusting green, yellow ou white vaginal discharge

Pain when peeing

Lower abdominal discomfort

Men’s symptoms of trichomoniasis can appear as:

sexual pain

Redness, discoloration or irritation or swelling of the penis’s head.

White discharges from the penis.

burning or pain when going to the bathroom

painful ejaculation

If you’ve contracted trich, symptoms could begin to appear ugly in between 5 and 28 days.

If you’re searching for symptoms of trich, be aware that, according to the CDC that only 30% of people who contract the disease have any symptoms.

Okay however, what is the best way to treat the condition trichomoniasis?

The parasite responsible for the condition trichomoniasis (aka Trichomonas vaginalis) thrives in vaginal fluid and semen. That means that it could be transmitted by sex, but without the barrier of a barrier or vaginal, anal or oral sexual contact.

Trichomoniasis is typically passed between a woman with penis and someone who has a vagina, or between two individuals who have vaginas. Ejaculation does not have to occur in order to transmit the parasite, therefore pulling it out will not save you.

Trichomoniasis is also transmitted through sharing sex toys therefore, make sure to clean your dildos after every time you use them.

In people with penises the parasite is usually responsible for an infection of the urinary tract. For vaginal patients the infection could be within the vagina or vulva the cervix or the in the urethra.

My partner was diagnosed with trichomoniasis. Did they do something wrong? !

If you’re happy in your monogamous relationship and your partner is positive for trichomoniasis in your brain, it might be able to jump to the possibility of infidelity.

Sexual activity is the most frequent method of contracting trichomoniasis but it’s also a little more complicated than the day your partner had a fling and then the next day they developed trich-related symptoms.

If only 30 percent of those who suffer from trichomoniasis exhibit symptoms, this implies that 70 percent of those suffering from trichomoniasis show no signs. This suggests that your partner was afflicted with trichomoniasis in an earlier sexual encounter but it was only recently that they began to show signs.

The parasite could cause an individual to suffer from the disease for months even though they are not showing any symptoms.

In extremely rare instances the trichomoniasis virus can be transmitted in the absence of sexual involvement

Here are a few ways to get trichomoniasis that is not sexually transmitted:

Toilets. The toilet seat in the public bathroom STI that your parents advised you about is an extremely rare chance. If a toilet is damp, it’s likely to develop trichomoniasis. Toilets outside are in close proximity to urine and feces, and so the likelihood of contracting trichomoniasis is greater.

Towels or clothing. According to a 2014 study review, though they are not uncommon damp clothing or towels could be transmitters for trichomoniasis.

Bathwater shared. A study from 2011 conducted in Zambia found that multiple girls sharing bathing water can result in the transmission of trichomoniasis.

Public pools. Poop in the kids’ pool isn’t the only undesirable situation that occurs in a shared pool. If a pool isn’t properly maintained, trichomoniasis could be transferred.

Although these scenarios are all possible, remember that the transmission of trichomoniasis via towels, baths, pools or even the toilet is highly unlikely in comparison to sexual activities.

I’m suffering from Trich-related symptoms, what do I do?

Should you, or your spouse begin to experience trich-related symptoms, it is important for both to be tested for STIs. The CDC provides a free tool to help you find STI tests near to your home.

There’s no reason to be embarrassed with regards to STI testing. It’s actually the only way of knowing whether you’ve contracted the trichomoniasis (or some other STI) or not.

If you’re being tested for trichomoniasis, it’s always a recommended to get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Trichomoniasis may increase the chance of having another STI It’s therefore advisable to determine if trich has had any additional +1’s at the STI event.

If you are positive for trichomoniasis it is important to get treatment, especially because trich can increase the risk of developing other STIs.

Trichomoniasis can be treated using antibiotics. The most common are metronidazole (Flagyl) and Tinidazole (Tindamax). It is advised to finish the entire prescription, even if the symptoms go away. Be sure to have at least one week before starting your next.

Reintroduce sexy again and safely

The most reliable method to avoid trichomoniasis is to utilize a barrier technique in sex, such as diaphragms, condoms, and dental dam. Be aware that although natural lambskin condoms are a great way to keep a woman from becoming pregnant, they can’t provide protection from STI transmission.

Be honest with your partner about your sexual past. This may open the way to discuss STI testing.

It’s the bottom line

The condition can be present for months, without showing signs. Should you or your spouse suddenly experience symptoms or tests positively for the disease, it’s not a sign to suggest that you’re doing something wrong. Both partners may have had the issue in an earlier relationship, and then unknowingly transferred it to their partner. Although it’s tempting to leap to conclusions but try having an honest, open conversation with your partner about your sexual activities.

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