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International Driving Permit

Are you planning to move abroad or drive there? If yes, you come in need of an international driving license. An international driving license is an official permit that allows you to drive a vehicle in more than 150 foreign countries. 

The international driving permit requirements differ on the basis of the country where you move. So, before going to a foreign country, suggested checking eligibility, collecting all necessary documents, and then applying for the same. 

About international driving permit

The international driving permit is an official travel document. It is a legal document that allows you to drive in more than 150 foreign countries. 

The best thing is that the international driving permit in Greater London also allows you to rent a car legally. It also provides the translation of driving licenses into languages that are understood by country officials. 

In this way, IDP is considered a beneficial tool that helps you to communicate with foreign authorities. 

Reasons why you need IDP

There is various need because you require an international driving license from

  1. Peace of mind

Sometimes, people face great injuries to themselves or to their vehicle while driving and make a big hole in their pockets. Such unexpected conditions lead to worries for them.

But if you have an international driving permit from, then any mishaps or damage to the vehicle are covered by the insurance coverage. In this way, having the IDP give you peace of mind 

  1. Legal driving

It is The top benefit of an international driving license that it gives you the freedom to drive a vehicle in a foreign country. An international driving permit not only allows you to drive in one country but in more than 150 foreign countries. 

How to easily get the international driving permit

The best and simple way to get your valid international driving license is the 

  • The first thing you should do is to visit the website
  • Now, tap on “Apply Now” button
  • Once you click on this button, you are moved to the application form page
  • Here you have to fill out the IDP application form, including name, contact number, email address, residence proof, country name, date of birth, passport number, etc 
  • You also need to attach some necessary documents with it, like a date of birth copy, passport copy, passport size photos, and local driving license copy
  • After this, cross-check all the details that you filled in IDP application form
  • Now, go through the captcha code, agree to all terms and conditions, and then submit the application form online at
  • Ensure to make payments at last and complete this process. You can easily make payment for IDP, either by your credit card, debit card, etc 

What you need to carry while applying for IDP

When you visit to apply for an international driving permit in Greater London, ensure to carry your valid passport and local driving license. These documents are important to have to apply for an international driving permit online. 

How does the IDP differ with stay time?

At, there are three options for IDP available for you, IDP 1926, IDP 1949, and IDP 1968. The IDP 1926 allows you to stay in a foreign country for 1 year because it comes with 1-year validity only

The IDP 1949 come with a 3-year validity, so it allows you to stay and drive in a foreign country for 3 years. And the last one, IDP 1968, allows you to drive for 5 years in foreign countries. This is how the different types of IDP vary with stay time

Do you need IDP

If you are visiting a foreign country or want to drive there, then you absolutely need an international driving permit

IDP is the necessary documentation you should have to drive a vehicle legally in foreign countries, like Canada, Australia, Uk, Malaysia, Sweden, etc 

Driving Rules in Greater London

Once you can get your IDP from and are ready to drive in Greater London, you are aware of some important driving rules as follows as

  • You must be at the age of 17 years to drive a vehicle legally in London. But you are applying for your IDP online uk at the age of 16 easily.
  • You are also allowed to drive in London at the age of 16 years but with some restrictions.
  • Remember to wear a seat belt to drive a vehicle in London; else you should pay a fine of 100 euros. 
  • If you drive a vehicle in London without a seat belt, or kids under 14 years are with you in the car, then you should pay a fine of 500 euros.

So, to save yourself from fines or strict punishments, ensure to follow all driving rules and wear a seat belt.

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