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You have a Chromebook? They are quick, lightweight, and reasonably priced. However, taking screenshots can be challenging, and your options will be very constrained. Every Chromebook brand and model has a different option for taking screenshots app, and some Chromebooks do not support it at all. Chromebooks run on a Linux-based operating system called Chrome.

What is a Screenshot?

An image that captures exactly what is on your screen is referred to as a screenshot, also known as a snapshot or screencap. It’s a distinctive characteristic that’s also extremely straightforward. A screenshot is one of the most useful tools available in the modern computer age due to its simplicity of usage.

For instance, a colleague might ask for your opinion on a fresh website they’ve created. Or perhaps they want you to receive a sneak preview of the brand-new brochure they’ve created. You could either take a screenshot and highlight the areas that require fixing, or you could type up a lengthy email detailing every adjustment you want them to make. Which sound more productive?

It goes on from here. Think about writing a guide on how to use a specific web tool for your staff. You can use a straightforward screenshot to show exactly what you’re referring about. The alternative would be to write a lengthy paragraph, which is very unnecessary in this day and age of screenshots.

Additionally, screenshots are a very useful tool for reporting issues. It’s far simpler to send an IT staff a screenshot that shows exactly what’s wrong when you have a problem with an app. This is so that others can understand what’s going on and what might be wrong because different devices use various operating systems.

The list continues on forever, and you already know how crucial a screenshot may be in some situations. The majority of devices include this feature, although how you take a screenshot may vary depending on the device.

How To Take A Screenshot On Chromebook

Here are a few methods for taking a screenshot on a Chromebook, depending on how much of the screen you want to capture:

1 — Press Ctrl + Show Windows To Take A Screenshot of The Entire Screen

Press the Ctrl key and Show Windows key at the same time to record your complete screen. The Show Windows key has a rectangle symbol with two straight lines on the right and is situated in the top row of the keyboard. The F5 key on a standard laptop keyboard corresponds to this key.

2 — Press Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows To Take A Screenshot of A Portion of The Screen

Press Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows at the same time if you only want to capture a piece of the screen. You’ll notice a “+” sign. Let go after dragging it to the area where you want to capture the screen.

The screenshot will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen after you’ve taken it. Depending on the Chrome OS version you’re running, this may change. You can choose to either mark up the snapshot or copy it to the clipboard.

Where Will Your Screenshots Be Located?

The Downloads folder will hold all of the screenshots you take. How to locate the folder:

  • Start the Launcher located at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Select the ‘Files’ icon under the search bar.

This icon will display your file manager. Search for the ‘Downloads’ folder under ‘My Files’ category on the left side of your screen. You’ll find all your screenshots there.

Better Alternative: Take A Screenshot On Chromebook Using Markup Hero

Taking screenshots on your Chromebook may be possible in a variety of ways, but what if you had access to a program that does more than just that? Try Markup Hero, you can not only take snapshots but also edit, access, and annotate them at any point in time.

Markup Hero should should be used for screenshots because it really aids with opening a clear line of communication. Additionally, it increases productivity and workflow. Using Markup Hero, you can sort your snapshots in separate folders, add tags and annotations, and organize them accordingly. Additionally, you can publish your screenshots and distribute them among your coworkers.

The Markup Hero screenshot application is available for download and installation on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. Try it out on your Chromebook first. However, you won’t be able to download and install apps on the majority of Chromebooks. Use the free Markup Hero Chrome Extension instead to take use of all the features listed above!

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