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Most retail products come with some sort of labelling to identify what it is and where it came from. But did you know that there are five specific types of custom labels that are used in the retail packaging industry? Here’s a look at what each one is and why it’s important.

1. Logo labels

A logo label is a small, but vital part of a product’s packaging. It typically includes the company name and logo, and is placed in a prominent location on the package. You can either include your logo on your product label or create a specific logo label to use in several ways. The purpose of a logo label is two-fold: to identify the product as coming from a particular company, and to create brand recognition.

2. Branding labels

Oftentimes, we think that logo and branding labels are the same thing. They are not. Branding labels are much more complex. When you’re creating a branding label, it’s important to think about the overall look and feel of your business. This includes everything from the logo to the colours you use in your advertising. A good branding label will create a unified look for your product and make it stand out from the competition.

3. Limited edition labels

A limited edition label is used when a product is part of a limited run, or when it is only available for a limited time. This type of label elevates a limited edition run from your standard range and helps to create a sense of urgency and encourages customers to buy the product before it’s no longer available. Limited edition labels are often brightly coloured and include eye-catching graphics.

4. Product highlights

Product highlight labels call out important features or benefits of the product. They are typically placed on the front or back of the packaging, where they can easily be seen by potential customers. Product highlight labels are an effective way to communicate what makes the product special or unique. Instead of hiding your unique selling points in a flood of text, product highlight labels give them the space they deserve.

5. Packaging seals

Packaging seals are an important part of the retail packaging industry. They create a sense of trust between the customer and the product. By using your labels for packaging, you’re telling your customers that you stand behind your product and that you’re proud to put your name on it. Quality seals also help to build customer confidence by assuring them that they’re buying a product that meets high standards.

Each of these five types of labels serves a specific purpose in the retail packaging industry. When used correctly, they can help to sell more products and create stronger brand recognition. So next time you are thinking about your product’s packaging, do not settle for a standard label.

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